Adhering to the Three Benefits Principle of "for the country, for the people, for the Company", in addition to providing high-quality products and services for the society and solving the life and health problems of Chinese people, the group is also committed to continuously improving the social public welfare platform, actively participating in social public welfare activities and giving back to the society.

1.Establish social welfare platforms to fulfill corporate responsibilities

In recent years, the group has continuously made contributions to the community through friendly activities such as donation to students, earthquake relief and local poverty alleviation. At the same time, actively study, establish and improve social welfare platforms, continue to pay attention to people's livelihood, care for vulnerable groups, and participate in social assistance activities such as medical assistance, student assistance and poverty relief for a long time.

2.Focus on the field of liver disease and improve the level of prevention and treatment of liver disease in China.

3.Participate to fight epidemics and overcame difficulties.

  • Donated supplies for epidemic prevention and aid to Shanghai


    Sino Biopharm and CTTQ donated 500,000 COVID-19 Test Kits to Shanghai Hospital for the prevention and control of the epidemic.

  • Chia Tai Tianqing donated 5 million yuan to Henan


    In July 2021, Chia Tai Tianqing donated 5 million yuan to Henan.

  • CP Pharmaceutical Group and its member companies donated


    In the wake of the coVID-19 outbreak in 2020, CP Pharmaceutical Group and its member companies donated more than 22 million yuan in donations.

  • Chia Tai Tianqing donated schoolbags to primary school students


    Chia Tai Tianqing donated schoolbags to primary school students from Haizhou District in May,2017.

  • Chia Tai Tianqing continues to donate 12.5 million yuan


    Chia Tai Tianqing continues to donate 12.5 million yuan to “Chinese Foundation for Hepatitis.

  • Launch Ceremony for Chia Tai TianqingLiver Research Fund Kick-off Meeting


    Launch Ceremony for Chia Tai TianqingLiver Research Fund Kick-off Meeting in September, 2011.


While maintaining the healthy development of enterprises, we should guard the clear water and blue sky and realize ecological civilization, which is related to the sustainable development of the country and enterprises. The group is committed to improving the environmental protection management system, effectively controlling environmental factors, increasing investment in environmental protection, and improving resource use efficiency and reducing environmental impact through the adoption of energy-saving equipment, technological innovation, reasonable planning and design and other measures.

1. Improve environmental protection management system.

2. Reasonable management and control of resources to improve use efficiency.

3. Scientific emission reduction and environmental impact reduction.

  • Case 1: Chia Tai Tianqing winter refrigeration unit switching scheme

    The temperature is lower in winter. The 7-12 ℃ refrigeration unit is closed, and the valve is switched to the standby cooling tower system on the roof of Building 9. The heat generated by the 7-12 ℃ system is converted by the standby cooling tower, thus reducing the energy use of the whole system. According to the power of compressor and pump in 7-12 ℃ system and the switching time in winter (calculated by 3 months for one workshop), 180000 kwh of electricity can be saved in the whole year.

  • Case 2: Chia Tai Tianqing purified water recycling system

    Purified water must be used in the preparation and cleaning of drug production. The workshop of Zhengda Tianqing has set up a purified water recycling and reuse system to recover the purified water discharged from the purified water machine backwashing, condensate discharge and distribution system storage tank before disinfection to the storage tank, and reuse the purified water to the boiler soft water tank, so as to reduce the boiler production energy consumption. In 2019, purified water was recycled, and about 1000 tons of purified water were recycled each month for boiler production, and 1000 tons of water was saved throughout the year.


The group adheres to the principle of people-oriented, continuously optimizes the talent management system, always respects and recognizes the personal value of employees, and provides employees with a platform for self-development and self-improvement. We attach great importance to the sustainable development of talents. Through various research and employee care activities, we can deeply understand the trend and needs of employees; provide various types of consultation, counseling and training to help employees improve their performance and realize their career growth; open up career development channels to provide equal growth opportunities for employees, and strengthen the construction of talent echelon to reserve excellent talents. We will continue to do a good job in employee care and democratic management, protect the health and safety of employees, build a harmonious labor relations, and create a good corporate culture atmosphere.

  • In order to thank employees and their families for their selfless dedication and wholehearted support for the development of the group, inherit the gratitude culture of filial piety and family affection, and increase employees' sense of identity with the enterprise, the group regularly holds advanced employees' families to enter the enterprise and participate in family days and entertainment projects.

  • The public welfare activity of "run, sunny people" around the lake launched by chairman Mr. Tse, Eric S Y. It is suggested that employees actively participate in outdoor activities, enhance communication among colleagues during running, release pressure, live with a healthier body and devote themselves to work with a fuller face.

  • Enterprise unions regularly organize various forms of sports competitions to enrich employees' spare time life, convey positive and healthy life attitude and improve team cooperation efficiency.

  • Every year, various enterprises will organize colorful annual meeting activities to build a platform for employees to show themselves outside their work, so as to delight their body and mind and enhance their cohesion.

  • Establish a sound training system to help new employees integrate into the enterprise and adapt to the working environment.

  • According to the characteristics of each position in each department, provide employees with a complete vocational skill learning system to help employees establish career planning and continuously forge ahead and grow.


CTTQ Liver Research Fund

Chia Tai Tianqing (CTTQ) donated RMB10 million to “Chinese Foundation for Hepatitis Prevention and Control” for the launch of“ Tianqing Liver Disease Research Fund” in 2011. The fund is set up specifically for supporting young medical practitioners from second- and third-tier cities in their research on hepatitis, to increase hepatitis prevention and treatment levels in China. Tianqing Liver Disease Research Fund is led by China Zhuang Hui, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, with forty or so experts serving as the Academic and Management committee members.

Tianqing Liver Disease Research Fund was well-received during its first five years of running from 2011 to 2015, altogether received 1,118 funding applications, with financial aids given to 126 applicants, and support given to 84 others. Chia Tai Tianqing continues to donate 12.5 million yuan to“ Chinese Foundation for Hepatitis Prevention and Control” for the fund’s 2016-2021 project funding in August, 2016. This funding is anticipated to use in subsidizing more primary doctors in expanding clinical treatments, and enhancing research capabilities, to increase overall levels of prevention and treatment in China; The Fund also seeks to expand its Academic and Management Committee to 108 members, for greater influences in the field.

Lianyungang CTTQ Charity Foundation

Established on March 18, 2011 with an initial funding of RMB 4 million, Lianyungang Charity Foundation was founded and privately funded by Jiangsu CTTQ Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Its many missions include awareness of the general public welfare and the livelihood of marginalized groups; promotion of love and care and volunteering; provide social assistance such as poverty alleviation, medical care, and student aids through subsidizing various charity groups and projects; and to build a platform that can better utilize corporate social responsibility.