TIDE R&D Center

Tide R&D Center

The R&D center of Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is located at East Rongjing Street in Yizhuang Economic-Technological Development Area (BDA). The center covers an area of 43,000 m2 and is comprised of a R&D building, a production building, and a support building, including 14,000 m2 for the laboratory and 16,000 m2 for the pilot plant.         


The center currently has more than 150 R&D staff, of which over 50% hold a doctorate, master degree, or senior technical title. Over the years the talent pool has formed a working model, in which Tide’s professionals carry out R&D and innovation with technical guidance from foreign experts and academic support from external domestic experts. The center utilizes

the model of technology acquisition – digestion – absorption – re-innovation to conduct over 40 research projects in six major disease areas, which include cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, infections, rheumatism, and pain management. In 2007, Tide stepped into biopharmaceuticals to develop class I biopharmaceutical products, and has already obtained numbers of promising results. 


In 2011, the R&D center was recognized as the Beijing Engineering Research Center, and in 2012 the center became eligible to provide postdoctoral training. In recent years, the R&D center undertook about twenty national and municipal level key technology projects, including projects in the New Drug Development Mega program, the International Cooperation Project initiated by the Ministry of Science & Technology, and the Special Project for Key Industry Rejuvenation and Technological Transformation initiated by the Ministry of Industry & Information Technology.


Facing market competitions, Tide has persisted in driving technological innovation to build its core competence. Tide is among the top 100 companies in the pharmaceutical industry in China in terms of revenue generated from the principle business. The R&D center conducts research and development with the model of technology acquisition – digestion – absorption – re-innovation and has engaged in technical collaboration with multiple pharmaceutical companies and research institutes in the US, Europe and Japan. Moreover, the R&D center has been constantly strengthening its position through development of new drugs with proprietary intellectual property.


Tide builds its business on targeted drug delivery products, always strives to innovate and aims to excel. In the next few years, the R&D center will continue to follow the principle of innovation and commit to develop innovative drugs. Tide will keep expanding its R&D pipelines by adopting standardized R&D management processes, effective incentive mechanisms, and scientific performance evaluation systems, and aim to realize a vision of “one core capability and multiple focused areas”: to have comprehensive and in-depth know-how in developing targeted drug delivery formulations, and to focus on formulations for solids, biologics and external applications. Tide will actively collaborate with research institutes within China to set up state-of-the-art R&D platforms for innovative drugs and to push the R&D of Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical to the forefront of China’s pharmaceutical industry.