Technology Applications

Technology Applications

Antineoplastic bulk drug and preparation study: design synthetic and new targeted antineoplastic drugs specific to different targets (e.g. EGFR, VEGFR, Bcr-Abl, Src, etc.), make systematic preclinical and clinical study for these drugs, and strive to develop new antineoplastic drugs soon. Products under research include shimono topotecan, chemical drug level 1.1; erlotinib, chemical drug level 1.1; Anlotinib Hydrochloride, chemical drug level 1.1, the former two are already under clinical research.

Using modern botany-chemical method to extraction, separation and purification to obtain an active ingredient : a chiral molecule alpha licorice acid that then to be transferred into Diammonium Glycyrrihizinate. Licorice acid has two conformations of alpha and beta. The alpha one has some advantages with its better therapeutic effect and less side effect, but is difficult to extract or synthesize. Our company successfully masters alpha licorice acid extraction technology from licorice. Others like oxymatrine, puerine can be used to treat HBV or angiopathy of cardio-cerebral respectively. Product examples are "Diammonium Glycyrrihizinate" and "Tianqingfuxin".

Nanometer-degree's size and target DDS (Drug Delivery Systems), also called as lipid micro-sphere, that can improve effectively the therapeutic effect of alprostadil. This formulation is used to treat angiopathy of cardia-cerebral. According to the researching results from the new drugs bank of the website (, we are the only one manufacturer of alprostadil injection in China, so our this DDS technology (target lipid micro-sphere) can be considered as a unique technical platform. Product example is (Lipo PGE1) Alprostadil Injection.

Focus on the R&D of dripping pills, controlled release, fast release and sustained release preparations and injections formulations, engaging in R&D of a series of new medicines and modern health-care products for the medical treatment of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Examples are "Fu Qiong fast release pills" and "Verapamil Hydrochloride (VARP) fast release pills" for treatment of cardio-cerebral diseases.

Using genetic engineering (recombinant DNA) and high-efficiency protein stabilization system to obtain high quality protein new drugs. Example is "recombinant human augmenter of liver regeneration (rhALR)" for treatment of liver diseases .