Investment and Operation Characteristics

Investment and Operation Characteristics

Invested industries

* Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry: Chemical Medicines, Biological Product, Modern Materia Medica Preparation, Natural Drugs;

* Special Medical Industry: specialized hospital, medical and health services; medical equipments; diagnostic equipment and treatment;

* Mass Health Cause: Nutrtion supported products and healthy food;

Investment targets

*The companies specializing in global business;

*The companies that can become market leaders in China;

*The companies that have gone through various stages from the early stage to the maturity stage;

*The high-tech companies whose products have greater potential for growth

Investment principles

Develop the industry by flexible investment mode and build joint-venture enterprise together with complementary enterprises.

The best investment targets sought for have their own proprietary products and technologies, with strong competitiveness in the fast-growing marked; attract project investment with the specialty product lines and product groups as the link; own a management team with outstanding achievements in high-tech business operation; have marketing channels and network equipped with protective measures; have steady and rapid development potential; adhere to the development strategy of being more professional, stronger and bigger.

Investment modes

The industrial direction to be invested for holding and joint-stock are three fields of pharmacy, health care and mass fitness. Enhance corporate competition mechanism and incentive mechanism by way of capital investment and complimentary advantages, to advance the management level,expand the operation scale, and improve the company performance. Be an active investor. We select experienced team members to work as directors of invested companies or supervisors of projects, work closely with the company’s management team, and create long-term value for the company and the investors.

Value-added services

Develop detailed and feasible strategic planning for business development; provide important strategic resources from the world and China to help product competitiveness of the member enterprises by way of new product R&D and new technology; rely on the valuable industry knowledge and experience of first-class experts, veteran sales and marketing personnel, and senior management personnel, to serve the member enterprise.