Quality and Safety

Quality and Safety

Cleaning, drying and potting binding line of small-capacity injection workshop: It is the first cleaning, drying and potting binding line designed with “L” layout in China, with the best advantage to separate people from logistics effectively and reduce risks of cross contamination; separate operation area from maintenance area effectively, realize operation and parameter adjustment of potting area through operating panel, complete normal production through aseptic technique glove box, finish equipment repair and maintenance design in D-grade area, separate operation area from maintenance area completely, reduce pollution risks of aseptic area caused by maintenance and decrease maintenance cost.

Material delivery and transfer system of solid preparation workshop: It is designed by varieties upon the design concept of “dustless”. Material turnover and production is in airtight pipe/container, the part need to be opened is with weighing cover to avoid dust spillover and confusion, reduce pollution and cross contamination, and protect staffs from dust damage. IBC turnover hopper introduced from United Kingdom Matcon Ltd. and two wet granulation and fluid bed systems introduced from Germany GLATT Company and GEA Group adopt full-sealed material delivery technology to ensure materials are not leaked during production, keep production environment tidy and clean. Wet granulation machine, fluid bed and pipeline system get cleaned, purged and dried automatically after granulation production without any manual intervention during the course. Then, the problem of incomplete manual operation and possible dead corners can be avoided, cleaning effect can be ensured, and cross contamination among different products can be prevented.


Automatic light detector: It is produced by Eisai Machinery Co., Ltd upon the principle of SD. That is, ampoule bottles under inspection are sent to delivery line and stopped instantly by mechanical devices from high-speed rotation, the liquid of which revolves because of inertia. At that time, Parallel light, changed from light of halide torch through lens, will shine on the bottles from the side. The penetrated light signal will be tested by diode-array detector and then changed to electric signal. Then, the light detector can analyze if there are foreign matters in the liquid upon the change of light intensity. With automatic light detector, product quality gets improved, and workers get liberated from heavy manual work.

High-tension automatic micropore leak detector: Introduced from Japan NIKKA Company, it is the second one in China. With the principle of high-tension discharge, the speed of high-tension micropore leak detection is fast and accurate. Proved by foreign authorized department, color water vacuum leak test method is only applicable for ampoule micropore/crack of over 50um, while, high-tension micropore leak detector can test micropore/crack of 0.1um, the test limit at present, and greatly reduce the leakage risks.

Capsule filling machine: GKF series of automatic capsule filling machine produced by Germany BOSCH Group is strong in production capacity, high in automation and filling percentage, little in load different and convenient in operation, etc. Filled capsule was put into special hopper for the next work procedure through automatic capsule polisher and metallic foreign matter tester (produced by United Kingdom LOCK Company), metallic foreign matter tester of LOCK Company can test the metallic foreign matter of capsule, slight but possibly harmful for human health, accurately and then remove it automatically.

High-speed tablet press: P2020 high-speed tablet press produced by Germany FETTE Company consists of two workshop sections such as prepressing and main pressing. Both sections adopt servo systems to automatically control tablet thickness, weight and other parameters, the pressed tablets are even in thickness and little in weight error. Cooperated with granulation system above, parameters such as tablet friability, hardness, dissolubility and weight difference get controlled in optimum scope.

"L" auto Ampoule compact systems line

NIKKA high voltage ampoule inspecter

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