Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

Low Carbon and Environmental Protection

The structural adjustment phase featuring “low-carbon manufacturing” in the pharmaceutical industry has arrived.  CTTQ Pharmaceutical Group not only launches products with low resource consumption, but also features low-carbon mechanism in all processes of pharmaceutical production, from product design, research, and investment, to production, sales, services, and recycling. Throughout years of expansion, the Group has put great emphasis on contributing to society and public social responsibility, and became the forerunner among other local enterprises in areas such as environmental protection, energy consumption, comprehensive utilization of resources, and production safety, making outstanding contributions to local economic development.

Wastewater treatment project:

The Group selected the use of “flotation + hydrolytic acidification + membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology” for a more targeted treatment of wastewater from different workshops in order to achieve maximum environmental protection.

Dust filtration system:  

All air vents of the production area and the sensitization workshop are equipped with high efficiency filters, whose filter efficiency rate is up to 99.96%, effectively preventing drug powder from entering into the atmosphere.