Social Fund

Social Fund

Hepatitis B follow-up and clinical research platform in China

China's hepatitis B follow-up and clinical research platform (CR-HepB) was launched in June 9, 2012, initiated by the national health and Family Planning Commission, and provided exclusive support by CTTQ.

As the hepatitis B registration, follow-up system most widely, it will provide more and more comprehensive information on the prognosis of patients with hepatitis B, data released successfully landed on the European Association (EASL), the American Association for the study of liver diseases (AASLD), Asia Pacific Institute for the study of the liver (APASL). Up to now, 29 sub centers have been set up in the country, and nearly 100000 patients have been enrolled.

CTTQ Liver Research Fund

Wu Jieping Medical Foundation formally established "CTTQ Liver Disease Research Fund" in 2011 in order to improve the quality of China's liver disease prevention, control and medical treatment, mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of the workers in the liver-related clinical positions, promote the building of technical personnel, and create a platform for the donation and cooperation of the domestic and foreign enterprises and individuals enthusiastic about the research in this field.

Famous experts in the domestic liver disease research field compose the student committee and management committee; Academician Zhuang Hui, Dean Duan Zhongping and Professor Wang Zhao separately work as Chairman and Deputy Chairman in the CTTQ Liver Disease Research Fund. The Fund is designed to fund the four research projects of the clinicians, including the "viral liver disease, drug-induced liver injury, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, minimally invasive hand surgery, interventional treatment-of liver-related injury". Annual collection and evaluation method is adopted, and Chia Tai Pharmaceutical donates over RMB10 million. The two parties enter into a five-year contract.

Lianyungang CTTQ Charity Foundation

Established on March 18, 2011, Lianyungang Charity Foundation is invested and established by Jiangsu CTTQ Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. which is a private foundation. The original amount of money is RMB 4 million. The foundation's mission lies in concerns about the people's livelihood and the vulnerable groups, and love transmission. By way of the social assistance including poverty alleviation, doctor assistance and student assistance, support various charitable projects to build a broader platform for performing corporate social responsibility.

CP Charity Foundation

Sino Biopharmaceutical Group and its Affiliated Companies have joined the CP charitable foundation and actively participated in public welfare activities.

CP Group has long advocated "Love Is Selfless Devotion", and has donated billions to invest in China's public welfare undertakings. In order to better fulfill the corporate social responsibility, the CP Charitable Foundation was established in Beijing in August 24, 2015 as a unified platform for organizing and coordinating various charitable activities. CP Charitable Foundation to dedecates welfare, supporting agriculture to help farmers, help save trapped danger and dedication of love for the purpose, scope of business includes: carry out support agriculture, poverty alleviation, student assistants, the elderly and the disabled and other public welfare activities; support environmental protection, science and technology, health, sports and other public projects. Up to now, the CP Charitable Foundation has launched more than a dozen educational, medical and other social welfare projects, the amount of donations reached about 5.4 million RMB.

CP Charity Foundation donated 2.1 million RMB to the affected farmers in Hunan, Hubei