Past Contributions

Past Contributions



On September 8th 2020, NJCTTQ donated 1 million yuan to the education development foundation of Lanzhou University for the construction of key disciplines and intelligent systems. Lei Ji, Secretary General of education development foundation of Lanzhou University, signed a donation agreement with Tian Zhoushan, general manager of the company.


On January 26th 2020, Sino Biopharm donated 10 million yuan to China Academy of Medical Sciences for promoting the special research on emergency prevention and control novel coronavirus.


On January 26th 2020, CTTQ donated RMB 1 million to the Red Cross Society of Hubei Province; on February 2nd, CTTQ added RMB 1 million worth of anti infection and respiratory system drugs; on February 9th, CTTQ continued to donate 10000 masks and 5000 pairs of protective gloves to Nanjing Charity Association.


Beijing Tide Pharm donated about one hundred thousand pieces of medical protective materials and Flurbiprofen gel plaster to many provinces and cities of China, and the employees voluntarily raised donations for the purchased of two ambulances. Beijing Tide Pharm had donated more than 4 million RMB.


On January 30th 2020, NJCTTQ donated 500000 RMB worth of N95 masks to Nanjing Red Cross and donated 1.5 million RMB worth of urgently needed anti epidemic drugs to many hospitals in Wuhan.


On February 1st 2020, CP Pharmaceutical Qingdao donated 600 pieces of thermometers, 20000 box of Ganmao Qingre Granules and 400 box of redoxon.


On February 14th 2020, CTFH donated 1.35 million RMB worth of special medical nutrition products and medicines to medical units inside and outside the province through Dafeng District Charity Federation, Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, where the company's production headquarters is located.


On February 1st 2020, Jiangsu Zhengda Qingjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. donated 10000 boxes of Qingkailing dropping pills, allicin capsules and homogenized diet products to some hospitals in Jiangsu, Shenzhen and Shaanxi, with a total value of 224000 RMB.


On February 21st 2020, Shanghai General Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. donated 5600 pieces of compound ketoconazole ointment to Shanghai Fudan University Pediatric hospital and Shanghai Jiaotong University Affiliated Tongren Hospital respectively through Shanghai Branch of Chinese Medical Association, and then successively donated more than 120000 pieces of compound ketoconazole ointment to Wuhan, Shandong and other places, with a total value of about 1.9 million RMB.

Anti-SARS donations

"NJCTTQ Cup" summer social practice for college students

Funding of RMB8 million in 2009 to help the formation of "Health Management Center" with Economics and Management School, Tsinghua University

Launch Ceremony for Chia Tai Tianqing Liver Research Fund Kick-off Meeting in September,2011

Funding of RMB 450, 000  of CTTQ in 2009 to set a "CTTQ Scholarship" to reward outstanding students in China Medical University

Tan Hongjie, vice-secretary of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee has issued donation certificate to Chia Tai Tianqing in 2008

Funding of RMB 2 million in 2008 to help the construction of two Hope Primary Schools in the "512" earthquake area