Business Strategy

Business Strategy

To achieve business objectives and promote the core business development, the company intends to adopt the following principal business strategies:

 A series of modernized Chinese medicines, chemical medicines and modern health-care products for the medical treatment of hepatitis, through JCTT.

JCTT currently produces over 100 different types of modernized Chinese medicine and chemical medicine. The principle products of JCTT and Diammonium Clycyrrhizinate injections and capsules and Tianqingfuxin (i.e. Matrine glucose injections and capsules, which are used in the medical treatment of hepatitis. JCTT takes strategies of keeping technology leadership and strives for the R&D of more products used in the medical treatment of hepatitis. JCTT engages in the R&D of not only a glycyrrhizicacid products in new forms, but also new medicines for the medical treatment of other hepatitis, such as products for treating fatty liver, hepatic fibrosis and interus hepatitis. The new medicine of genetic engineering (rhALR) for treating serious hepatitis is under development as well. JCTT invests RMB 30-50 million each year for the R&D of new medicines and different types of patent applications. Concerning the manufacturing technologies, JCTT ensures the product quality by the workshops that have obtained GMP certification and the management of whole manufacturing process in accordance with GMP regulations. JCTT has a total of nearly 700 sales staff that is in charge of over 70 representative offices in various locations in the PRC. Its expanding sales network stimulates the sales increase of both new products and products already presented in the market.

A series of medicines for the medical treatment of angiopathy of cardio-cerebral, through NJCTT.

NJCTT currently produces products for the medical treatment of angiopathy of cardio-cerebral through International advanced PVC-free soft bags for intravenous injection production line. Shenning (Compound Mannitol) injections and Puerarin glucose soft bags injection are in the stage of testing production. The products under research are: Edaravone Injection and Xueshuantong Sodium Chloride Injection. NJCTT has a sales team consisting of over 200 staff. The total sales in the year 2004 will greatly increase.

Engaged in the R&D of a series of new medicines and modern health-care products, through CT Green Continent.

CT Green Continent focuses on the R&D of dripping pills and injection formulations for the medical treatment of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. CT Green Continent currently has submitted patent applications in relation to a number of products and has received acceptance notices issued by the PRC Intellectual Property Rights Bureau. Several patent applications passed the first examination. The aim of the investment in CT Green Continent is the R&D of new modernized Chinese medicine by the technical platform of dripping pills. Moreover, through the investments, the company intends to ensure the resource of new products for subsidiary companies and new investing cooperation, to keep its continuous development, and to achieve the development objectives of company industry structure.

Engaged in R&D, production and sales of target lipid micro-sphere drugs, through Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

"Kaishi", the target lipid micro-sphere drugs of Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd (Tide), utilized the technology patents that were invented and transferred on the cuff by famous Japanese pharmaceutist-Mr. MIZUSHIMA YATAKA, and applied the manufacturing techniques and quality control system provided by Japan Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. All manufacturing facilities for "Kaishi" were imported abroad and the capability of production and management achieved the international advanced level. Kaishi also supplied the gap of China pharmacy. The General manager of Tide received his doctor degree in pharmacy in Japan. Tide had a team consisting of specialized and aspiring staff, 80% of which have college degrees. The average age of the staff is 32 years old. Tide emphasized research and lasting development, especially on the R&D of series target drugs packed by lipid micro-sphere.

Through negotiating and cooperating with domestic and foreign pharmaceutical company, seeking for the suitable investment opportunities

The investment team of the company actively participates in contacting new investment project objects, and has negotiated with many firms. By taking advantages of many years' experiences in investment and effective ways to complement each other, the company established tight or loose relations with its partners, managed to expand and enhance core business, and increase economic effectiveness. There are three cooperating projects in the stage of substantial negotiation at present.