Business Objectives

Business Objectives

The Group aims to promote the use of biopharmaceutical medicine in the PRC and enhance the modernisation process of TCM to bring about further growth in the Group's core business. The medicine industry in the PRC possesses high growth potential. To capitalise on this growth, the Group intends to adopt the following principal business objectives: 


Focus on the development of biopharmaceutical products and modernised Chinese Medicine

The Group possesses expertise in using low molecular heparin in the research, development and production of biopharmaceutical products in the PRC and has experience in extraction, separation and synthesis of medicinal ingredients in Chinese herbal materials and, in particular, applying alpha licorice acid in the production of modernised Chinese medicine for the treatment of hepatitis. The Group will continue to focus on developing these products. 

Expand through mergers, acquisitions, cooperative arrangements, strategic alliances and joint ventures

The Group will continue to seek suitable investment opportunities and business partnerships, including strategic alliances with foreign and PRC-based pharmaceutical companies, medicine retailers, research and development companies and research institutes, in order to further expand and strengthen its core business. Building on the combined strength, the merger of companies is expected to complement each other and increase economic effectiveness. 

Further expand production capacity and R&D capabilities to meet the increasing demand in the PRC.

The Group will further expand production capacity and its R&D capabilities to further strengthen its current competitive advantages. It is also one of the business objectives of the Group to further develop new products in order to meet the increasing demand in the PRC, in particular, the needs of the aging population.

The Group will continuously seek new way to enhance its global presence and capacity to meet the ever-growing demand on pharmaceutical products in the PRC. This can be achieved by integrating the Group's resources with local and foreign research organisations, academic institutions and by adopting advanced biotechnological and pharmaceutical technologies. With the implementation of these measures, the Group can expand its research on new medicines, new preparations and new therapeutic applications. This can create more unique technique platforms and products.

The Group intends to use advanced technologies such as genetic engineering, highthroughput molecular expression system, humanised monoclonal antibodies, drugs delivery system and combinational chemicals to enhance the Group's production capacity and the quality of its end products, which in turn are expected to improve the Group's overall earnings and competitiveness. 

Further expand distribution networks and sales teams and strengthen the brandnames through promotional activities

In view of the vast geographical span and population in the PRC, it is feasible for the Group to further expand its existing distribution networks and representative offices from its present coverage to regional cities and rural areas in the PRC. The Group will also strengthen its corporate management by adding an innovative approach to sales and internal management and developing staff's creativity so as to achieve better market and management efficiency. 

Further enhance and refine production technologies and facilities

The Group intends to improve the Group's product quality by upgrading its production technologies and facilities and intend to actively seek certification of its products by international organisations to ensure international standards are achieved. This will facilitate expansion into overseas markets. 

Diversify into new realms of the biopharmaceutical sectors

The development in genetic technology is expected to improve the treatment and the preventionof genetic diseases and stimulate the development of biopharmaceutical products. The Group will seek to cooperate with enterprises which possess advanced genetic technology and/or acquire intellectual proprietary technologies.