Our Vision

Our Vision

LOGO: The outer square symbolizes the unshakable principles and the inner circle the flexible strategies.

Corporate Vision: Improve quality of life, maintaining the dignity of life.


Talent Concept: Talent is the most valuable resource of the group which should be understood, respected, relied, united, trained and talent-centered. The group treasures every employee's creativity, and promotes every employee's responsibility.


Business Philosophy: ‘For the country, for the people and for the company’

1. 'Three benefit’business philosophy:

'For the country’means making economically development of country, and benefitting social development at the same time.

'For the people' stands for the fairly comfortable life of people. People can buy high-quality in low-price products. 

'For the company’means the group gets economically effectiveness in constantly renovating products while satisfying demands of customers.

2. Speed and Quality

3. Simplification

4. Accept change

5. Innovativeness

6. Integrity and Honesty


Love Is Selfless Devotion:  love the country, love family, love company, love customers, and love everyone

Employees' Requirement: dedicated, royal, innovated and hard working.


Corporate Culture's Requirment:

Values Technology, Improves Quality. CP Pharmaceutical Group pays attention to introduce high-tech of producing. Meanwhile the group extensively focuses on products quality to protect customers' interests. 

Integrates Interests and Shares Achievement. CP Pharmaceutical Group firmly believes that getting reasonable profits is a way of keeping the group continually devotes to society beneath the principle of conforming common interests between customers and the group. Therefore, the group combines its own development with the interest of partners together to satisfy customers’changing demands. During the whole process, Chia Tai Group supplies good quality products and techniques, responses for recycles, and trains employees’ability of direction and management.

Modern Management, Sustainable Operation. CP Pharmaceutical Group focuses on long-term development promoting modern management system and uniting talents. Thus, the group made efforts on recruiting, training and awarding of talents at every level; as well as management system's setting up, executive, tracking and improving.‘Talent First’and systematic management are the philosophy of CP Pharmaceutical Group management team, the group acts this philosophy by itself and co-operates with long-term strategic investment to ensure the non-stop growth and competitiveness.