Corporate Overview

Corporate Overview

Since the 1990s, CP Group has been applying its investment management experience over the years to China's pharmacy industry. There are over 20 holding and share-holding pharmaceutical companies. Besides, the successful transition to the vigorous health industry makes CP Pharmaceutical Group today. For the moment, these companies are located in the vast areas from the Guanzhong Plain to the Yellow Sea seaside, from Shandong Province to the Qinling Mountains, which have all been significantly developed during the short period after gaining CP Pharmaceutical Group's investment and become market leaders in China's pharmacy industry. By way of introducing the flexible incentive mechanism, achieving management innovation, improving and activating the marketing system, CP Pharmaceutical Group has conducted effective transformation to Chinese state-owned pharmaceutical companies, developed new business giants in the pharmacy market, and created many classical examples. In 2011, Jiangsu CTTQ Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Beijing Tide Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. both ranked top 30 in the total annual profits of the pharmaceutical and industrial companies nationwide. With its growth, CP Pharmaceutical Group, together with Chinese companies and employees, all benefit from the industry development, robustly improved the Chinese people's health condition. 

On September 29, 2000, CP Pharmaceutical Group listed the quality assets on the GEM (Growth Enterprise Market) of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in the name of Sino Biopharmaceutical Limited (stock code: 08027), from which time CP Pharmaceutical Group has entered into a new development phase. On December 8, 2003, Sino Biopharmaceutical Limited was transferred to and listed on the main-board market of Hong Kong Stock Exchange, with the stock code of 01177. As a secondary group of Charoen Pokphand Group, CP Pharmaceutical Group wins full support of CP Group, the largest business group in Southeast Asia, has access to the rich experience arising from the investment practice over the years in China, and is committed to China's pharmacy and health cause.  

China's rapid economic development has greatly encouraged the overseas Chinese. CP Pharmaceutical Group is confident about China's prospect and will stick to its investment strategy in China. The group believes that it can produce first-class products, make exceptional contributions to the mankind health, and create satisfactory economic benefits for the joint venture partners with first-class talent, equipment and management as long as the advantages of the Chinese and foreign parties can be given full play to.  

"Love will bring warmth, happiness and health." Adhering to CP Group's values and corporate culture, we believe that people are happy only when they are healthy. CP Pharmaceutical Group is willing to share the happiness with more partners and customers in the development process of China's pharmacy industry.