Financial vice President

Financial vice President


Qualifications (education/experience/skills/training/certificates, etc.) :

Degree title: recruitment bachelor degree or above;

Working experience: at least 5 years working experience, working experience in the pharmaceutical industry is preferred;

Professional skills: accounting, auditing, financial management professional, have a good financial language, bear hardships and stand hard work;

Skills: familiar with financial ERP software and Excel, good at financial analysis tools.

Such as outstanding, the above conditions can be moderately relaxed.


Work responsibilities and authorities:

(1) is responsible for the group level, members of the enterprise financial statements, financial electronic data, the comprehensive analysis of the business data;

(2) responsible for guide the enterprises to carry out financial analysis, put forward the guiding ideas and implementation of tracking;

(3) according to financial analysis, business analysis of major matters, is engaged in the research, and do research on the spot, the solution of the professional opinions;

(4) the analysis of the internal control, financial management risk, help members to dissolve the risks, improve business efficiency. 

(5) to members of the enterprise investment and financing business review.

(6) the other work.

Contact information:

Address: 31st Floor, Building No. 1A, G.T. International Center, Jia 3 Yongandongli, Jianguomenwai Dajie, ChaoYang District, Beijing, China

Zip code: 100022

Fax: 010-59257300