Audit deputy

Audit deputy

Job responsibilities:

1. Lead the inter-departmental working group of group company and each member enterprise internal management audit, special audit, including business performance, outgoing, internal control and risk management, etc., and author of internal audit report;

2. As the referee, contact the subordinate company audit issues; Division of labor, coordination of audit field work team members, timely discover and collect the important problems in audit project;

3. The management audit tracking improvement scheme implementation, check;

4. Report to the pharmaceutical group management committee the referee is responsible for the subordinate enterprises, the group company and each subordinate enterprise management work put forward feasible Suggestions;

5. Arrange audit members of the company's investment, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring of the project such as conduct due diligence, careful preparation of the fiscal and taxation work plan, division of labor, personnel, and efficient complete financial due diligence report;

6. Participate in the group assets received investment projects;

7. Responsible for reporting to the leadership work and complete other tasks assigned by the leadership of the company.

Job requirements:

1. Audit or financial related professional bachelor degree or above;

2. 5 years experience in audit firm manufacturing audit (pharmaceutical industry audit experience is preferred), mastering and using the modern accounting, internal audit method;

3. Be familiar with the audit work and auditing standards and system; Be familiar with the accounting standards and accounting systems of enterprises, tax and other relevant laws and regulations; Familiar with enterprise operation and management, risk control and so on related knowledge; Familiar with common industry regulations;

4. To travel frequently and work under great pressure;

5. More than intermediate accountant the title, obtains the qualification of a certified public accountant is preferred;

6. Have strong leadership skill and problem solving ability, good moral standard and the team cooperation spirit.

Contact information:

Address: 31st Floor, Building No. 1A, G.T. International Center, Jia 3 Yongandongli, Jianguomenwai Dajie, ChaoYang District, Beijing, China

Zip code: 100022

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