Vice President of investment grade

Vice President of investment grade

Responsibility 1: under the guidance of chairman of the board of directors to complete the department of medium and long-term development plan and work plan.

Responsibility 2: overall responsibility for medical inspection, project screening, project negotiations and investment work.

Responsibility 3: under the overall arrangement of the project team, cooperate with the hospital management team and take an active part in investment project management, construction and restructuring.

Responsibility 4: pay close attention to national policy direction, guidance departments actively complete about industry trends and industry of the new situation of finishing work. Specifies the direction and pattern for group health sector investment; And cooperate with the management of a certain number of immediate superior to complete the department work.

Job requirements:

Education level: bachelor degree or above

Industry: biomedical, investment or traditional Chinese and western medicine, hospital management, and other related majors.

Work experience: 5 years experience in project investment. A large firm or group company, the project investment of listed company experience is preferred. Experience in medical industry investment, the hospital management and medical equipment investment experience is preferred.

Knowledge: have the solid investment, health care, management and other professional knowledge; Familiar with national about medical supervision and management system.

Personal qualities: personal pressure ability strong; Has the strong risk sensitivity; Conscientious, careful, responsible.

Skills: have a pharmacist title or attending physician title is preferred.

Contact information:

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