Investment deputy

Investment deputy

Assist head of department medium and long-term development plan and annual plan; Responsible for inspection, screening, business negotiation, investment in the project work; Participation has investment project management, construction and the development of the work; Focus on and analysis of national pharmaceutical policy trends, combined with the group to assist the head of investment strategy integration of domestic and international advanced project resources, and promote the establishment of cooperative relations; Around the big health concept to explore pharmaceutical, medical treatment (including precision medical treatment), health management, health (medical) food, high-end YaoXie (including high-value consumables) in areas such as project cooperation.

The main job responsibilities 

1, mining, research and screening of new investment projects

2, participate in investment projects of business negotiation, deal structure reasonable Suggestions are put forward

3, organize or participate in implementing project due diligence

4, assist department general manager to design all kinds of investment legal documents, writing project business plan

5, take part in the management of the investment projects to help member enterprises docking and integrate resources

6, for medical, pharmaceutical, health and other market and industry analysis, form report

7 and to guide the team work with general manager

8, other work assigned by the department head

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