Deputy general manager (reserve post)

Job information: Deputy General Manager of finance (reserve post)

Salary: Negotiable

Number of recruits: 1

Working place: Beijing

Duty and authority

(1) under the leadership of the board of directors and general managers, the company is responsible for all the financial work of the company; the group carries out "double leadership and hierarchical management" for the financial heads of the expatriates.

(2) establish and improve the financial accounting system and budget management system of the company, and promote the continuous improvement of the financial management level of the company.

(3) responsible for setting up our accounting and accounting institutions, setting up accountants, setting up accounting positions and appointing, organizing business training and assessment of accountants, and supporting accountants to exercise their functions according to law.

(4) to organize and submit the financial reports and management reports.

(5) responsible for the organization and summary of the company's comprehensive budget, and analyze the implementation of the company's comprehensive budget by month, summarize the experience, make recommendations, and submit the financial analysis report quarterly and yearly.

(6) to formulate plans for financing and investment;

(7) participate in the company's major strategic decisions, audit and evaluate the effectiveness of decision-making, participate in the formulation of product development, procurement price and salary bonus, and participate in the research and review of major economic contracts and economic agreements.

(8) supervise the company to execute the national financial laws and regulations, the financial accounting system, supervise the company's compliance with the financial regulations formulated by the group, and assume corresponding responsibilities for the authenticity and completeness of the financial reports submitted by the company, as well as the preservation and increment of assets.

(9) other financial management work.


Age: under 48 years of age (48 years old), if a particular aspect is especially excellent, the age requirement can be relaxed.

Education: undergraduate or above;

Training / certificate: Intermediate accountants above title, certified public accountant certificate priority;

Working experience: over 10 years experience in manufacturing industry, more than 5 years working experience as chief financial officer in a medium-sized manufacturing company.

Skills and skills: good planning and decision-making, implementation and promotion, management and coordination, good verbal and oral expression skills, and skilled use of computer office software.

Contact information

Address: 31st Floor, Building No. 1A, G.T. International Center, Jia 3 Yongandongli, Jianguomenwai Dajie, ChaoYang District, Beijing, China

Zip code: 100022

Fax: 010-59257300