Senior Vice President

Ms. Li Mingqin is a senior vice president of CP Pharmaceutical Group, a senior vice president of Sino Biopharmaceutical Limied and a director of Beijing Tide, Jiangsu CT Qingjiang, Shanghai Tongyong, Chia Tai Shaoyang Orthopedic Hospital, and CP Boai Investment Ltd., and is principally responsible for the investment affairs of the Group. Ms. Li graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Beijing Chinese Medicine University with a Bachelor Degree in medicine. Prior to joining the Company, Ms. Li had worked in Sino-Japanese Friendly Hospital and Beijing Chinese Medicine University, engaged in teaching of medicines, development of new medicines and medicine management. During the period from 1992 to 1995, Ms. Li had been engaged in post-doctorate research in the Medicine School of University of Colorado, USA and the Medical College of the University of Massachusetts. Ms. Li joined the Group in March, 1997 and has 39 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.