Senior Vice President

Mr. Tse Hsin is a senior vice president of CP Pharmaceutical Group. Mr. Tse is an executive director, a member of the executive board committee and a senior vice president of Sino Biopharmaceutical Limited. Mr. Tse is mainly responsible for mergers and acquisitions and financing activities of the Group and is also the Group’s spokesman. Mr. Tse Hsin graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor’s Degree (Honors) in Industrial Engineering. He joined the Group in August, 1995 as an assistant to the president of the Company and had served as the general manager of Xian C.P. Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Mr. Tse Hsin was a council member of the first council and an executive council member of the second council of Chaozhou Natives Chamber of Commerce Beijing. He was also an executive member of the Right Protection Association for the Medical Treatment Equipment Enterprises of the Shaanxi Province, a vice chairman of the fourth council of the Foreign Invested Enterprises Association of the Shaanxi Province, an executive member of the third committee of the Shaanxi Cancer Fighting Association and a vice chairman of the World Chinese Medicine and Pharmaceutical Professional Joint Committee. He was awarded the “Outstanding Management Award for Foreign-invested Enterprises of Shaanxi Province” by the Shaanxi Provincial Government and the “Outstanding entrepreneur who cares about his staff” by the Shaanxi Foreign Invested Enterprises Association. He was a director of CT Tianqing and Beijing Tide, and is currently a director of NJCTT, CP Qingdao, CP Boai Investment Ltd., and Chia Tai Yeheng Biotech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the chairman of Chia Tai Shaoyang Orthopedic Hospital, and a supervisor of CT Tianqing.