Ms. Cheng Cheung Ling

Ms. Cheng Cheung Ling is the CEO of CP Pharmaceutical Group, and is currently the vice chairwoman of the Board, an executive director, and a member of the executive board committee of Sino Biopharmaceutical Limited and the chairwoman of Beijing Tide. Ms. Cheng was born in 1964, graduated from the Guanghua School of Management of Peking University and obtained a Master Degree in Business Administration. She is also a clinician. Having extensive experience in and a discerning vision for management and investment in the pharmaceutical industry, she has made significant contribution to the business development of the Company in China and has also spared no effort in promoting innovation, R&D capabilities and international collaboration in the industry. Being at the helm of Beijing Tide, Ms. Cheng advocates for innovations in R&D, production, sales, management, etc. and has led Beijing Tide to step up its efforts in developing international collaboration, aiming at promoting the rapid development of cutting-edge technologies for medical products in China. Under her leadership, Beijing Tide has achieved tremendous growth, riding on internationalization and innovation.

Beijing Tide has become a leading company for the development, production and sales of targeted drugs in China. Over the years, Ms. Cheng is committed to facilitating communication and trade between the Mainland and Hong Kong, and has done remarkable work for the purposes of promoting national cohesion and attracting investments in the Mainland from Hong Kong. She is a devoted charity supporter, actively participating in and caring for community philanthropy. The distinguished community services provided by Ms. Cheng are well recognized by various domestic and overseas organisations. She has not only been appointed as a Justice of the Peace and awarded the Silver Bauhinia Star by the Government of Hong Kong SAR but also awarded by a number of organizations honours such as “2022 Bearer of Red Flag March 8 of Shanxi Province”, “The 4th session of the Jinghua Award of Beijing”, “The 11th session of the Qindao Award of Qingdao City”, and one of the “Most Influential People of the Pharmaceutical Industry in China for 2021”. Public offices held by Ms. Cheng include being the chairwoman of the Friendship Association of the Political Consultative Conference (Hong Kong Provincial Committee), the chairwoman of the foundation of the Friendship Association of the Political Consultative Conference (Hong Kong Provincial Committee), the president of the council of Hong Kong Belt & Road General Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Standing Committees of the Shaanxi Province Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (and the convenor of its committee members in Hong Kong), a member of the Eleventh Standing Committee of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and the president of the General Association of Shaanxi Entrepreneurs, etc.